Program Kelas Karyawan Universitas Mercu Buana Jakarta bertujuan untuk memberikan kesempatan kepada masyarakat yang tidak mempunyai waktu luang mengikuti pendidikan di hari kerja. Jenjang pendidikan yang diselenggarakan adalah Program Sarjana (S1), Pascasarjana (S2) dan Pendidikan Profesi Akuntansi (PPAK).

Waktu kuliah dapat dipilih Senin Jumat atau Sabtu Minggu. Biaya studi sangat terjangkau dan dapat diangsur sesuai kemampuan. Kampus dapat dipilih yaitu Kampus Meruya atau Kampus Menteng. Mahasiswa disediakan Bus Kampus antar Jemput untuk Bekasi, Tangerang dan Depok

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Program pendidikan yang dilaksanakan terdiri dari Program Sarjana (S1) dan Pascasarjana (S2):
Fakultas, Jurusan dan Kosentrasinya adalah sebagai berikut.

A. Fakultas Teknologi Industri
  1. Teknik Mesin (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
  2. Konsentrasi:
    - Rekayasa Produk & Manufaktur
    - Konversi Energi
  3. Teknik Elektro (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
  4. Konsentrasi:
    - Teknik Elektronika
    - Teknik Telekomunikasi
    - Teknik Tenaga Listrik
  5. Teknik Industri (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
  6. Konsentrasi:
    - Teknik Industri
    - Manajemen Idustri

    B. Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
    1. Teknik Informatika (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
    2. Konsentrasi:
      - Teknik Informatika
    3. Sistem Informasi (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
    4. Konsentrasi:
      - E-Business
      - Teknologi Informasi
      - Komputer Akuntansi

      C. Fakultas Ekonomi
      1. Manajemen (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
      2. Konsentrasi:
        - Manajemen SDM
        - Manajemen Keuangan
        - Manajemen Operasional
        - Manajemen Pemasaran
      3. Akuntansi (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
      4. Konsentrasi:
        - Pemeriksaan Akuntansi (Auditing)
        - Sistem Informasi Akuntansi
        - Akuntansi Umum

        D. Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan
        1. Teknik Sipil (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
        2. Konsentrasi:
          - Struktur
          - Transportasi
          - Manajemen Konstruksi
        3. Teknik Arsitektur (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
        4. Konsentrasi
          - Teknik Arsitektur
        5. Disain Grafis (Proses Terakreditasi)

        6. E. Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi
          1. Marketing Communications & Advertising (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
          2. Public Relations (Hubungan Masyarakat) (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
          3. Broadcasting (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
          4. Visual Communications (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)

          5. F. Fakultas Psikologi
            - Psikologi (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)

            2. PROGRAM PASCASARJANA (S2):

            Program Pascasarjana (S2) terdiri dari:
            A. Magister Manajemen (MM)
            (Status Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
            Ada 4 konsentrasi, yaitu:
            1. Magister Manajemen Keuangan
            2. Magister Manajemen Pemasaran
            3. Magister Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia
            4. Magister Manajemen Operasi/Produksi
            5. B. Magister Ilmu Komunikasi
              (Status Terakreditasi BAN-PT)
              Ada 3 konsentrasi, yaitu:
              1. Coorporate and Marketing Communication
              2. Political Communication
              3. Media Industry and Business
              4. C. Magister Teknik Industri
                - Manajemen Industri

                D. Magister Teknik Elektro
                - Manajemen Telekomunikasi
                - Manajemen Energi
                E. Magister Akuntansi
                Ada 6 konsentrasi, yaitu:
                1. Akuntansi Keuangan
                2. Audit
                3. Akuntansi Sektor Publik
                4. Manajemen Sistem Informasi
                5. Akuntansi Manajemen
                6. Perpajakan

                7. Friday, May 28, 2010

                  The University of Sydney World Scholars Awards 2011

                  The University of Sydney World Scholars awards provide opportunities for academically gifted PhD candidates who have developed innovative research projects to undertake a PhD degree at the University of Sydney with financial support. This prestigious award will attract high-quality research candidates from a broad range of countries and disciplines. Candidates will engage in progressive research whilst facilitating the development of strong bilateral research linkages between Australia and the rest of the world.

                  General Guidelines

                  World Scholars awards support the full cost of academic tuition fees for up to three (3) years on the terms set out in these Guidelines. The scholarship will also fund a travel contribution towards the cost of a return international airfare (as set out in the „Air Travel’ section of the Scholarship Conditions, below).

                  Applications are invited from international students who are citizens of the following countries (“Participating Countries”):

                  * Asia: Cambodia, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
                  * Europe: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
                  * Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United States
                  * Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda

                  Candidates will be required to take up the scholarship in the semester for which it is offered. Deferral of the scholarship will not be permitted.

                  Selection for World Scholars is highly competitive. Applicants will be chosen on the basis of academic excellence and demonstrated research capability. It is important that applicants clearly address these selection criteria in their PhD application documentation.

                  The University is actively negotiating with governments and agencies in Participating Countries to identify possibilities for further support for World Scholars. Details of any agreements reached, together with the level of additional support available and any conditions associated therewith, will be posted on the University’s website

                  Eligibility Criteria

                  Scholarships are available for new international students enrolling in a PhD at the University of Sydney, who hold citizenship of a Participating Country, and who meet all academic and English-language proficiency criteria required for admission to a PhD. In order to be considered for a World Scholars award, applicants must:

                  * be a citizen of a Participating Country;
                  * not be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, or have applied for Australian permanent residency;
                  * meet all academic and English-language proficiency criteria for admission to their chosen PhD; and
                  * have a Firm Offer of Admission to a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney commencing in Semester 1 2011, issued on or before 10 September 2010 (applicants with a Conditional Offer of Admission will not be considered).

                  Currently enrolled international students and other students of the University of Sydney are not eligible to apply for a World Scholars award. Please also note the further restrictions outlined in the “Scholarship Conditions” section of these Guidelines.

                  How to Apply

                  Applying for a World Scholars award is a two-stage process. Applicants must complete both stages, in order, as follows:

                  Stage 1: PhD application and admission

                  * Candidates must lodge an application for a PhD degree, and obtain a Firm Offer of Admission, prior to lodging a World Scholars application.

                  * Before lodging a PhD application, candidates are required to make contact with a potential academic supervisor and discuss their proposed research project. PhD candidates may search for a potential academic supervisor using the Research Supervisor Connect tool on the University of Sydney website:

                  * Once candidates have made contact with a potential academic supervisor and prepared a research proposal, they should submit a Postgraduate Research Application Form. This form can be downloaded from:

                  * Further information about the PhD application process can be found online:

                  * The average processing time for PhD applications, once received at the University of Sydney, is six weeks. Some applications may take longer to process, particularly where insufficient documentation has been provided. PhD applications should be lodged no later than 31 July 2010. The University cannot guarantee that PhD applications lodged after this date will be assessed and issued with a Firm Offer of Admission in time for World Scholars consideration.

                  * Candidates must have a Firm Offer of Admission to their chosen PhD issued on or before 10 September 2010 in order to proceed to Stage 2. A Conditional Offer of Admission is not sufficient.

                  Stage 2: Scholarship application

                  * Candidates who have received a Firm Offer of Admission to a PhD issued on or before 10 September 2010 may proceed with a World Scholars application.

                  * Once a Firm Offer of Admission has been received, candidates must complete and submit a University of Sydney World Scholars Application Form. This form can be found at the end of these Guidelines, or downloaded from:

                  The completed University of Sydney World Scholars Application Form must be submitted in hard copy, via post or courier, to the following address:

                  University of Sydney World Scholars
                  International Development Officer (Scholarships and Grants)
                  Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)
                  Room 204, Old Teachers? College – A22
                  The University of Sydney NSW 2006

                  Applications must be received no later than 17 September 2010. Applications received by fax or email, or with only a Conditional Offer of Admission, will not be considered.

                  Download application guideline and application form

                  Scholarship source:


                  Bristol Business School Scholarships and Bursaries for Full-Time International Students

                  International students are required to pay £3000 in advance to secure a place at the University. A Certificate of Acceptance will only be sent to you on receipt of this deposit. Any fee outstanding after the payment of this deposit can be paid by direct debit instalments.

                  The UWE loyalty Scholarship of £500 is available for all full-time international students (excluding the MBA, which is covered by a separate scholarship) who are paying a tuition fee higher than £7000 and who have paid their academic year fee in full before or at registration.

                  For more information, please visit

                  A Bristol Business School Scholarship of £1000 is available for all international students (paying the full overseas fee of £10,000) who have been made an offer of a place on a full-time, taught postgraduate award (excluding the MBA which is covered by a separate arrangement). The award of the

                  Scholarship will be dependent on the following criteria:

                  * a) that you are not in receipt of any other UWE Scholarship with the exception of the UWE loyalty scholarship
                  * b) that you have paid the University standard £3000 International deposit in advance of your formal registration date.

                  Scholarships for UWE Alumni

                  International UWE Alumni
                  As a former student of UWE on a full-time postgraduate course (excluding the MBA) you are entitled to the UWE Scholarship for International Alumni of 15% off your tutition fees. You will not be entitled to the BBS scholarship in addition to the Alumni scholarship.

                  UK/EU UWE Alumni
                  As a former student of UWE on a full-time postgraduate course (excluding the MBA) you are entitled to the Bristol Business School Scholarship for UWE Alumni of 15% off your tuition fees.

                  Please note that the Bristol Business School scholarship, UWE loyalty scholarship and Alumni Scholarships are not available for the MBA programme, which is covered by a separate scholarship.

                  Full-time MBA Scholarship

                  Full-time: An MBA scholarship of 25% of the full tuition fee is available to all students registered for the full-time MBA programme.

                  NatWest MBA loan scheme
                  Full-time and part-time: Students on the either the full-time or part-time accredited MBA programme may be eligible for a NatWest MBA loan.

                  For more information, please click here

                  Train to Gain Funding
                  Training grant for leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises

                  Further sources of funding

                  For information on a range of scholarships and financial support available at UWE as well as information on other sources of funding, please visit

                  All scholarships will be in the form of a reduction in your tuition fees and will be applied at the time you pay your tuition fees.

                  Contact us

                  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information or advice on our courses and funding your study.

                  Bristol Business School Admissions
                  Room 2B075, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol, BS16 1QY
                  +44 (0) 117 32 86877,



                  Thursday, May 27, 2010

                  PhD Studentships in Economics at University of Otago

                  PhD Studentships in Economics - University of Otago New Zealand

                  The Department of Economics of the University of Otago in New Zealand is expanding its PhD programme and invites applications for Ph.D. Studentships (Scholarships) . Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. The University of Otago is New Zealand`s leading research university. In the most recent national research evaluation exercise (PBRF) - equivalent to the British RAE and the Australian ERA - Otago was ranked first in Economics and first overall.

                  For more information on the PhD programme, please consult the Department`s website at
                  Applications are considered throughout the year.

                  Each Scholarship will pay university tuition fees and in addition a living allowance of NZ $20,000 per annum for up to three years, for a total of NZ $60.000. Additional income from research assistance and/or tutoring may be available.

                  Information on the relative cost of living in New Zealand is available at

                  The normal period of study is three years. Applicants should have completed at least four years of university study in Economics, and hold an Honours or Masters degree, with excellent grades, which includes a research component. The PhD programme at Otago is by research only, that is, it does not include any course work. We expect that you will have taken courses equivalent to our own honours programme, which includes advanced courses in micro- and macroeconomic theory and in econometrics. The fact that the Otago PhD does not include course work means that you need to have obtained the skills (either theoretical, empirical or both) required for your proposed research before coming to Otago. In addition, it is assumed that you have good written English skills.

                  If you would like feedback on whether you may qualify for a scholarship, please email a CV, copies of your academic transcripts, showing the courses you have taken and the grades you obtained, plus a 2 to 3 page research proposal, that clearly sets out the hypothesis you wish to test, the methodology you will use to test the hypothesis, and how your research will extend the existing literature to:

                  Professor Alfred A. Haug
                  Director of Postgraduate Studies
                  Department of Economics
                  University of Otago

                  International PhD Program in the Humanities at University of Warsaw

                  International PhD Program in the Humanities, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies `Artes Liberales`, University of Warsaw, Poland

                  Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies `Artes Liberales` at the University of Warsaw offers a new and unique International PhD Program in the Humanities: `The Traditions of the Mediterranean Humanism and Challenges of our Times: the Frontiers of Humanity` co-financed by the European Uni0n from the European Regional Development Fund.

                  The Program embraces:
                  1. Four-year International Doctoral Program in the Humanities designed by a team of 36 eminent scholars from around the world
                  2. 13 research fields (divided into three sections: KNOWLEDGE, POWER, IDENTITY) which are interconnected through intense interdisciplinary dialogue
                  3. 13 PhD positions open to candidates of all nationalities
                  4. 48 months of paid fellowship, including 12-18 months abroad usually at two or three foreign universities selected from the 24 partner institutions of our Program (in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Russia, Spain, or in the USA)
                  5. Monthly stipend of 3000 PLN (over 770 euros), plus benefits
                  6. Increased monthly stipend to 4500 PLN while the doctoral student is abroad (c. 1,150 euros), and a roundtrip air ticket

                  For more information about the Program, research topics and recruitment process see:

                  Application deadline: July 12,

                  Wednesday, May 26, 2010

                  MRES/PhD Studentship in Gerontology at King`s College London

                  MRES/PhD Studentship in Gerontology at King`s College London, UK

                  Eligibility criteria
                  1. Open to the following nationalities:
                  - All Nationalities

                  2. Applicable subjects
                  - Social science
                  - Physiotherapy
                  - Occupational therapy
                  - Nursing

                  Application details
                  Applications may be submitted
                  from 14-May-2010 until 28-May-2010

                  Information about the funding
                  The Institute of Gerontology (IOG), King`s College London, is a leading multi-disciplinary department for research and teaching into the study of ageing and is an ESRC recognised research outlet. The studentship is offered in partnership with AgeCare.

                  More information about the Institute of Gerontology and its strands of research can be found here:

                  We invite applications for a four-year full-time ESRC CASE studentship comprising a linked MRes and PhD, commencing September 2010.

                  Information about the application
                  PhD: Role of Assistive Technology and Personal Care in Enabling Families to Care for Relatives with Dementia in their Location of Choice The Institute invites applicants with an interest in the use of AT to assist with personal care among those with dementia. The project will examine how AT can be used in the context of personal care for older people in providing assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, feeding and getting in and out of bed; and how AT can play a positive role in enabling those caring for a relative with dementia to make preferred choices as to whether their relatives remain at home or move to a residential home. This PhD will be supervised by Dr. Karen Glaser and Professor Anthea Tinker (IoG).

                  It is anticipated that successful applicants will have a first degree at 2:1 or first class level or the equivalent standard from a European University.

                  CONDITIONS OF THE AWARDS:
                  The holders of these studentships will be expected to:
                  - Prepare and submit a doctoral dissertation in a timely fashion
                  - Prepare papers for submission to peer-reviewed journals
                  - Participate in and contribute to the research and teaching activities of IoG

                  Specified use
                  The studentship is funded full-time for 4 years. In the first year the student will receive a maintenance grant of around £17,000 and full fees for the MRes Gerontology. For each year of the PhD after that, the student will receive the same maintenance grant, full fees for the PhD, and an additional £3,000 from our partner AgeCare.

                  Although the award only covers Home/EU fees, applicants from outside the UK/EU are also invited to apply for the studentship on the understanding that the difference in cost of tuition fee is payable by the candidate. The tuition fee for full-time international postgraduates is currently £11,700 per year.

                  Application procedure
                  All applicants for the studentship must complete the following forms by the deadline of 28th May 2010.

                  1. The ESRC/CASE AGECARE PhD Studentship Cover Sheet, including Personal Statement. The Cover Sheet and Further Particulars can be downloaded from the bottom of this webpage. Please see below.

                  2. A current CV which should include:
                  - your full name with title
                  - education: degrees (subject, class, institution, date of award)
                  - other academic/professional qualifications (subject, level, institution, date of award)
                  - employment history, where relevant

                  3. Two academic references. References should be sent by post or directly emailed to Dr. Karen Glaser at the address below.

                  4. If you have a preference for one of these projects, please state this in your application.

                  Contact details:

                  Dr. Karen Glaser
                  Institute of Gerontology
                  School of Social Science & Public Policy
                  King`s College London
                  Strand Building (6th floor)
                  London, WC2R 2LS

                  Informal enquiries by email welcome, contact

                  Website link:

                  Integrated Drylands Management at United Nations University

                  Integrated Drylands Management
                  A Joint Programme of UNU-IRA-INAT-ICARDA-CAREERI-ALRC-GM
                  Application Deadline: 10 June 2010

                  The MS Programme is designed to enhance the capacity of developing countries to manage their drylands resources. It is intended to provide young professionals and scientists an international perspective on resource management approaches in drylands. Students enrolled in the 2010-2011 programme will attend a 4-week intense course at CAREERI facilities in Lanzhou, China from 13 September - 12 October 2010. Upon completion of the course work and approval of the research proposal, students will carry out their field research which will be hosted by one of the partner organizations. The students are also required to complete a research project in their home country. The MS Programme is jointly offered by the seven partner institutions as an internationally accepted degree.

                  It is anticipated that the graduates from the MS Programme will serve in government departments and agencies (e.g., those dealing with agriculture, forestry, natural resource management, and combating desertification), teaching positions in institutions of higher learning, research institutions and doctoral research programmes.

                  Programme Partners
                  1. The United Nations University (UNU)
                  2. The Institut des RĂ©gions Arides (IRA, Tunisia)
                  3. The Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie (INAT, Tunisia)
                  4. International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)
                  5. The Cold and Arid Regions Environmental & Engineering Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAREERI, P.R. China)
                  6. Arid Land Research Center (ALRC), Tottori University
                  7. Global Mechanism of the UNCCD (GM)

                  Fellowship and Travel Arrangements
                  Part or full fellowships will be provided to qualified candidates from developing countries on a competitive basis. These fellowships will cover international airfare at economy excursion rates (between the country of origin and the hosting institutions in Tunisia, China, Syria or Japan). Housing, meals, and local transportation in Tunisia, China, Syria or Japan will be provided by the respective host institutions.

                  Admissions Procedure
                  Please consult the informational brochure and application form for admission details.

                  The application form must be completed and signed. The following supporting documents must be submitted together with the application form:
                  1. A letter of nomination from your supervisor/university where you are currently registered in a Master`s programme that certifies completion of basic course work.
                  2. A certified copy of academic transcripts for each institution attended.
                  3. An original detailed research proposal of 10 pages clearly outlining the problem statement, literature review, research question, methodology, expected results, workplan and timetable.
                  4. Two original supporting letters of reference, one of which must be from your current supervisor.
                  5. Evidence of English language proficiency, where English is not your first language (e.g., TOEFL score, English certificate, etc.)

                  Documents which are not in English must be accompanied by an official English translation.

                  Applications must be received by 10 June 2010. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

                  Please send application materials to:

                  MS Programme Committee
                  175 Longwood Road South, Suite 204
                  Hamilton, Ontario L8P 0A1
                  Fax: +1 905 667 5510

                  Website link: